Upholstery Supplies

Upholstery Supplies

High-Quality Foam and High Resilient Dacron are available in various densities that can be cut to shape, providing form and structure to cushions or upholstery padding.

High Resilient Dacron is long lasting for cushions and upholstery. Dacron does not crush and it is a sanitary material.  It does not promote mold, mildew or parasitic life. Dacron is also highly resistant to stretching and is easily recyclable, making for a perfect cushioning material.

High-Quality Foam is custom cut to save you time and money. All of our foam can be cut to your specifications, any shape, any size and even bolsters. We also offer Outdoor Dry Fast Foam cut to size as well as Latex Foam and Latex Memory Foam.  And we save you money because we cut your foam to size and charge only for the size you order; we don't charge you for a full sheet and we keep and recycle the scraps.

All custom cut foam requires 5 or so business days to produce. 


Medium H26

Firm H45

Medium H35

Medium Q16

Medium Q26

Firm Q35

RT33 Dry Fast

#3 Visco

Coco Fiber

Memory Foam

High Resilient Medium

High Resilient Firm

Bulk Materials & Dacron

"Inside beautiful"... We provide the best quality materials available to reflect the beautifully crafted Decorative Throw Pillows, Cushions, and Furniture that our customers create. American Down & Feather has been serving its customers for nearly 20 years with a unique understanding of the "ins and outs" of interior design and upholstery.  You can rely on us to provide the right material for any job.

Stiched Dacron

Blowable Fibers

Poly Silk

Down and Feather Blends

Bonded Dacron

Dacron Wrapped Foam

Down Proof Ticking

Cotton Batting