Mom Was Right....

Mom Was Right: A Good Night's Sleep Helps Keep You Healthy. Too little shuteye is  linked to higher risk of colds and infections.

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Denver Home Show - Thank You

We had a great time meeting clients and customers and so many local businesses; we even sold a few pillows and comforters!  This was our first consumer trade show and we are grateful for all of the wonderful comments and compliments about our display booth and our products.

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Retail Store

We are very excited to introduce our Retail Store.  So many of our friends and customers have been asking us for a quick and easy way to order their favorite pillows and other fine sleep products, and how they can refer their friends to do the same.  


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Sleep Tips For Anyone

Why do we need to sleep when we are so busy and could use more hours in the day just to accomplish what needs to be done? Sleep is a very important part of your life, without it you cannot function properly. Here are some sleep tips for anybody thanks to

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Did You Catch That Nasty Cold?

You might have heard that there is a respiratory illness sending many children to hospitals this season. It is a severe illness that has taken over many other states besides Colorado, starting as a common cold but continuing into something much worse. What are some things you can do to avoid this nasty cold for you and for your family?

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Prepare Your Home For Fall

Did you notice the leaves changing colors and you have slowly been adding more layers to your outfits? It's that time of the year again; the time where you dreadfully are aware that winter is upon us. Here are some ways you can prepare your home for fall.

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Do You Sleepwalk?

Do you or somebody you know suffer from sleep walking? Sleep walking is a serious issue because it can cause harm. Although mostly children suffer from sleep walking, adults can also have the problem as well. Let's learn more about sleep walking.

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I'm sure you've heard of it by now - the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It's a great way to raise money for a terrible disease and everyone is posting their videos up on Facebook. If you haven't seen them yet, a few great ones to watch are Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Pratt, Conan O'Brien and Bill Gates. Those are just some videos to give you a feel for what the Ice Bucket Challenge is although anybody can do it!

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Why Is Denver So Great?

Denver, Colorado is known for many great things. Awesome outdoor activities, amazing weather, incredible craft beer and the economy is only improving. Let's talk more about what makes Denver such a great place for you.

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Cities With The Most Sleep

Everywhere you live there is a different lifestyle. Whether you live somewhere where people go on hikes after work or you live somewhere where you find there is nowhere to go spend time outside so you spend the time watching television. A new study just came out showing what cities get the most amount of sleep.

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Waking Up Sore

You know there has been at least one time that you have woken up after a whole night of sleeping full of aches and pains. Waking up sore is a terrible feeling and there are many reasons for you to wake up feeling sore. Here are some of those reasons you might be waking up sore.

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Great Apps To Improve Your Sleep

We're all attached to our phones. I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. We use our phones for work, to keep in touch with long distance family and friends, check our social media accounts and play games. Maybe you also use your phone to track your nutrition, read the news and for your daily routines. Another reason to use your phone is to help improve your sleep. Here is a list of great apps to improve your sleep.

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