Why Is Denver So Great?

Denver, Colorado is known for many great things. Awesome outdoor activities, amazing weather, incredible craft beer and the economy is only improving. Let's talk more about what makes Denver such a great place for you.

1. If you like sports then Denver is the place for you. Not only does Denver have the great Broncos NFL team, but they actually do have four major sports teams including the Avalanche, Nuggets and Rockies. There's also two professional lacrosse teams to entertain you as well.

2. For music lovers, there is no better place to go for a concert than Red Rocks. Just a little outside of Denver, Red Rocks hosts many famous musicians as well as comedians, movies, work out groups and even church services.

3. The food is phenomenal. Denver is known for the green chili which is used makin hatch chiles from New Mexico and typically comes smothering a burrito or tamale.

4. Mentioned earlier, Denver is known for its craft beer. Many cities have the saying that you can't walk a block without running into a Starbucks or McDonalds, well in Denver the saying is that you cant walk a block without running into a brewery. You really can't go wrong with any of them either.

5. Just as there are breweries, there are parks as well! Denverites love to spend time outdoors and if they can't make it to the mountains there is still a numerous amount of parks that you can go to whether it's for a good workout, play some sports, have a picnic or just spend some time outside reading a book.

6. Love riding your bike? Denver has the Cherry Creek Bike Path which is a 40-mile route that starts Downtown Denver and goes all over to suburbs such as Aurora, Centennial and Parker.

Have you fallen in love with Denver yet?! If you haven't, consider the museums, the mountains that are oh-so-close, and the great variety of people that you'll meet. Denver is a mecca for greatness and will continue to be so as it grows. We're proud to be a Denver-based business!

Paul TerlizziComment